No, I am not. It is my 18 yo son, who writes his own texts and music and makes them into songs. I used to be his biggest fan, but I am not so sure now that he started performing for larger fan audiences than, well, me.

This is the cover for his first album, that proves a teenager interested in rock and blues guitar is as compatible with cheerfulness, as a UK plug with a US socket. That’s the point, actually, a six-pack of apathy.

Photo by Ekaterina Khmelevskaya

Photo by Ekaterina Khmelevskaya

And now, on to the songs! If you are below 13, ask your parent for guidance.

My favourite:


His favourite:


If you like them, share the treasure with your friends. Yes, help the music spread and perhaps one day as I get a cab, one of them would be playing back to me )

And I would feel truly happy then.


    1. artmoscow Post author

      Thank you! It is all due to H.R.Giger (the guy who invented the Alien from the eponymous movie), whose creation (the wall) is used as the background.

  1. Boryana

    I think your boy is very talented and has a great potential!
    I would like to share with a musician/composer/pedagogue friend of mine in NY but not sure how?

  2. motherhendiaries

    I am a huge fan of indie rock, blues, adult alternative, (Snow Patrol, Mayer, Kooks) etc… I have no desire to mess with his creativity, of course. But if he could produce radio edits (sans profanity) he may find a wider audience, I would share with absolutely everybody! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sound and wish him every success. xx MH

    1. artmoscow Post author

      Thank you! Thank you so much for your interest! He’ll set up the account when the album is out, I will make sure the link gets published here, and I will add a further comment. I hope this will happen very soon!


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