Art of stealing, or the secret life of Leo Tolstoy

I was thrilled to discover that Leo Tolstoy, when not writing “Anna Karenina” or “War and Peace” had been doing commercial jobs in disguise. It turns out he was posing as a British tea-planter, fiercely exploiting poor Sri Lankans, while hypocritically professing love for the Russian peasant. I do admire his commercial shrewdness but how can I ever trust his wisdom again?!

Leo Tolstoy

No, thank you, I don’t need an ambulance and professional attention. It is not a severe case of hallucinative delusion.  It is not even a mild case, and I won’t do something stupid, like burning my collection of Tolstoy’s books at the Red Square.

Well, see for yourself. Here, at St Clairs Tea web-site. I saved a copy, just in case it was not Leo Tolstoy stealing someone’s identity, but the Sri Lankan company pinching an image. I don’t think I’d trust the quality of their tea, though, ever again. No Tolstoy and no St.Clairs tea for me now. How sad.

Leo? No, James!

Website of the tea producer

I suffer my loss of trust in Tolstoy, caused by St.Clair’s. I think I need to start talking to lawers, for the suffering this brand caused me can only be redeemed by a 60% share in their business. And then I will change Tolstoy for Dostoevsky. Yes!


5 thoughts on “Art of stealing, or the secret life of Leo Tolstoy

  1. windhound

    Problem solved Tolstoy is obviously Irish and nothing wrong with that. Some of the worlds greatest storytellers are and have been Irish. And I wouldn’t call it lying more like creative manipulation of the truth which I think is what we call fiction writing. I think it’s a case of asking not for a tea sample but a DNA sample. The plot thickens.

    1. artmoscow Post author

      Интересно, как простая кража портрета кисти крамского может вырасти до размеров интересной истории! )


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